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VIVOTEK Boosts Taipei Port's Surveillance Performance and Efficiency
Posted on Monday, July 13, 2009
VIVOTEK Boosts Taipei Port's Surveillance Performance and Efficiency


Taipei Port, an important water transport in northern Taiwan, is a hustling and bustling seaport with 14 wharfs in operation. TPCT (Taipei Port Container Terminal Corp), the construction company of Taipei Port, installed a CCTV surveillance system to maintain security at this wide open seaport, but serious signal degradation from long distance transmission led to poor image quality, making it extremely difficult for TPCT to mark out important information. Meanwhile, demand for accessing video images from multiple remote sites increased, further urging TPCT to move towards digital.
Considering TPCT's intention to use the existing analog system continuously, system integrator ShinSoft helped TPCT install VIVOTEK's video servers and video receivers to provide the benefits of digital video surveillance on the already-in-place analog architecture.
Over 100 of VIVOTEK VS7100 video servers were used to convert analog signals to digital so that camera images can be transmitted over IP networks. Some of the VS7100s were installed on the wharf and in the loading/unloading areas, while others were installed in business-critical areas such as offices, warehouses, maintenance factories and control rooms. Additionally, a large quantity of RX7101 video receivers were installed in security staff's offices and the central control rooms so that the digital signals can be converted back to analog for display on the CCTV monitors.
VIVOTEK's solution enhances the surveillance capability of TPCT's existing analog system, making it a full-function video surveillance system. With signal digitization, TPCT can now enjoy superior image quality, higher access flexibility and scalability. Data is no longer geographically bound because it can be transmitted to wherever IP networks are available.
"Thanks to VIVOTEK, we are now able to benefit from digital video surveillance without tossing away our analog system. The video servers and video receivers provided a cost-effective way for us to transit to digital." said Mac Lee, manager of TPCT.
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