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Juice Goose Introduces a Super Sequencer
Posted on Monday, May 8, 2017
Juice Goose Introduces a Super Sequencer

The new CQ1520-RX adds our tested and proven RX Series surge protection to a power sequencer. 

With a list price of $695, this Juice Goose model compares closely to the SurgeX  SEQ 1U which has  a list price of $859.

Published test results prove the effectiveness of the power protection circuitry contained in the CQ 1520-RX. RX power protection technology is particularly valuable because it works against common mode as well as normal mode events.  While it protects against dramatic surge events of up to 6,000 volts at 3,000 amps on hot and neutral (normal mode), it also limits ground line (common mode) surges to one-half (0.50) volt to prevent operating faults of digital processing equipment.

Power protection circuitry in the CQ 1520-RX includes a differential transformer, lots of filtering capacitance and control circuitry providing protection from dangerous surges, high frequency interference, building wiring faults and over voltage.  RX technology is tested and proven to deliver protection comparable to an isolation transformer. 

The CQ 1520-RX is a single space rack mount sequencer featuring seven AC power outputs on the rear of the chassis with a combined rating of twenty amps. One output is unswitched. The remaining 6 outputs are grouped into three Power Pods of two outputs each. Each Power Pod is an individual sequence event. Because the CQ 1520-RX is a self contained sequencing circuit, it can be the master or slave in a power sequencing system. Eight wire RJ-45 cable can be connected to this unit's Signal Input and/or Signal Output connectors to link it's operations with other CQ or control devices.

Juice Goose now offers four products that include RX technology, RX10, RX100, CQ1520-RX and iP1520

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