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UPS Power Remote Control
Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017
UPS Power Remote Control

Control and Monitoring SCV Series UPS

General Description

March 2017

While Juice Goose offers a number of iP Based remote control power management products to turn outlets  on and off, for some installations a single component UPS solution is best for battery backup and power management.

SCV Series UPS models have extensive remote monitoring and control capabilities in either Local, LAN or WAN configurations. Through those communications, information is available regarding a range of power status variables, outlets can be controlled and UPS settings can be changed.

Outlet Control - SCV Models feature two banks of AC outputs. One bank is programmable and can be turned off and on independently of the other. Alternately, Shutdown and Cancel Shutdown commands will turn off and on both banks of AC outputs at the same time.

Local and LAN – Via direct connection to the UPS, monitoring and control are possible with either a) text based communications over a telnet serial link or third party control systems, or b) using the ViewPower utility software featuring an easy to use GUI.

RS232 Text Commands and Quiries – Thirty nine commands and quiries are described in the SCV Series RS232 Command data sheet, providing a broader range of monitoring and control than is available using the GUI software. Outlet Bank #1 can be turned off and on independently. Both outlet banks can be turned off and on with Shutdown  and Cancel Shutdown commands. General information can be obtained regarding UPS ratings and settings as well as the status of the line voltage, battery voltage and AC output receptacle.

ViewPower Software – This software provides GUI interface for monitoring and managing the  operation of a SCV Series UPS. A CD containing this software is included with every SCV Series unit. While not as comprehensive as the RS232 monitoring and control, ViewPower provides a simple dashboard with commonly required features including AC outlet control and UPS status monitoring.

WAN Network Card -  WAN connection requires a SCV-SNMP network card, also referred to as NetAgent. This card mounts internally to the UPS through an expansion slot on the back of the chassis. While a variety of I/O options and functions are available for this network card, the simplest form provides the same monitoring and management functions as Local or LAN connections. ViewPower Software works with this SNMP connection to provide a GUI dashboard.

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