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Isolation Transformer + UPS
Posted on Monday, June 27, 2016
Isolation Transformer + UPS

Isolation Transformer + Line Interactive UPS

Security II - 900 W
Perhaps the best UPS design in the market. Backed with a five year warranty.

Ground line interference can easily disrupt performance of digital processors found in DSPs, computers and other electronic equipment.  Thanks to its low impedance isolation transformer, this uninterruptible power "manager" delivers clean, fully conditioned power which is free from noise, voltage spikes and ground line disturbances.

Key power conditioning features of the Security II series include:

A Power Surge Diverter
B Isolation Transformer
C Power Line Filter
E Battery Backup
These components combine to limit normal mode (line to neutral) surges to 10 volts. Common mode (ground line) surges are limited to 0.50 volts.

Line interactive voltage regulation maintains power line voltage within an acceptable range for operation of audio video and other electronic equipment. When utility power fails internal battery banks provide continuous power to bridge short duration interruptions or provide time for an orderly system shutdown.

The Security II UPS can be rack or tower mounted and will be available in June 2016. For more information:
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