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Brainstorm brings “Fantasy in Tel Aviv” to life for
Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Brainstorm brings “Fantasy in Tel Aviv” to life for

BrainStorm solutions company specializing in 3D real - time graphics, virtual sets and augmented reality, has had a key role in "Fantasia in Tel Aviv", the previous program Eurovision . The space has extensively used virtual scenarios and augmented reality based on InfinitySet, which used its Combined Render Engine with Unreal Engine to give real life to both the stage and the different virtual reality actions and elements that appear on the stage. Thanks to the Combined Render Engine, InfinitySet allows to integrate, in the same program and from the same system, the virtual funds and elements created in Unreal Engine by Visualzink with other real-time elements created and animated in the Brainstorm environment. The RTVE team also had the collaboration of the Brainstorm production team for the management and interaction of the animation of actions, objects, blueprints and the rest of the virtual reality elements of the program.

Thanks to InfinitySet, numerous virtual elements entered the screen according to the needs of the program, including fun simulations of balloons shaped like puppies, hands, etc., which has set up an innovative interactive experience. To control all the actions on demand, a personalized interface was prepared in InfinitySet, capable of directly controlling both the appearance and movements of the virtual reality elements created in Unreal Engine and other objects and actions of InfinitySet. This interface allowed to manage, with total flexibility, the appearance of objects, maps, countries, images of singers or even the updating of live social networks .

"Fantasy in Tel Aviv" is the first live program in Spain that uses Unreal Engine technology for the virtual set. In addition, when using InfinitySet as a technological hub, it introduces a world first by combining live broadcasts, on demand actions and updating social networks along with control of all graphic elements in real time, all from the same InfinitySet system.

According to Jaume Asensio, head of content innovation management at RTVE, “The commitment to RTVE innovation is not only with technology but also with creativity and content. In 'Fantasy in Tel Aviv' we have been able to combine the most advanced technology with a fresh and fun driving combining creativity, information, entertainment, live connections and of course the interaction with the Eurofans thanks to the social networks that we updated live . This format would not have been possible without the combination of Visualzink graphics with real-time technology and Brainstorm flexibility. ”

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