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Atlona Technologies Announces New Features and Achievements for Their Award Winning, Wireless USB to HDMI Adapter with Audio, the HDAiR
Posted on Sunday, July 11, 2010


Atlona Technologies announces a host of new features for their award winning HDAiR including point to multi-point and Macintosh compatibility.
The HDAiR is Atlona Technologies’ award-winning USB-to-HDMI wireless converter. This device allows any user with a computer to connect wirelessly to any HDTV or VGA monitor. Atlona’s HDAiR has been well received across a vast multitude of vertical markets including home AV, corporate AV, presentation systems, and educational. The HDAiR was a finalist in CEPro’s Best awards, and has been awarded the coveted Excite Award from Custom Retailer Magazine. Most recently, this device has made headlines winning the Audioholics Consumer Excellence award. Today, Atlona announces new features for the HDAiR including point to multi-point, and Macintosh compatibility.
The first release of the HDAiR in 2009 was a video-only solution.  After its release, users from around the world responded to Atlona’s customer survey asking what additional features could make the HDAiR even better. The overall consensus was to add audio support. Atlona responded by releasing an all new HDAiR with the ability to output audio in both 3.5mm analog, as well as embedded on the HDMI output, making it a viable solution for a much broader range of users. This latest update to the HDAiR allows users to connect up to 4 receivers to a single transmitter, making it even more beneficial in educational environments, as well as localized digital signage and retail. This update also allows full Mac support, making it compatible with the most commonly used OS’s (Window XP, Vista and 7, OSX 10.4 or higher). 
Like the older model AT-HDAiR, this newer model with audio still uses Ultra wide band (UWB) frequencies to transmit Audio and Video signal.
The new AT-HDAiR, is capable of extending any computer wirelessly from the display at lengths up to 30ft with HDTV resolutions up to 720p or PC and VESA resolutions at 1440x1050. Both HDMI and VGA output connections are active at the same time, therefore the HDAiR receiver could be used to power up 2 displays at the same time with identical content. With this user friendly new version, the HDAiR is perfect for viewing continuously popular streaming media from HULU or Youtube, as well as computer-based leaning programs such as Rosetta Stone or Lynda Online Training and also perfect for viewing pictures or downloadable movies from laptop. Basically, the HDAiR creates the identical or extended screen of your laptop desktop on your big screen HDTV or Projector.
With quick and easy installation, the all new HDAiR with Audio opens up a world of
possibilities for home, business, and educational users providing a cost effective and convenient
solution to integrate PC’s and laptops into HD audio video systems.
Atlona’s all new AT-HDAiR with audio is available now with a newly reduced MSRP of $169.00.
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