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Barco helps ensure carefree travelling at Brussels Airport

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Barco helps ensure carefree travelling at Brussels Airport
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         The Airport Operations Center (APOC) at Brussels Airport (Belgium) centralizes a series of different operational services, such as security, baggage check and flight control. This approach, introduced in 2015, smoothens airport processes, raising efficiency and fostering collaboration to, ultimately, ensure travelers a comfortable and safe airport experience.

"As everyone involved in decision-making has a clear 360° view on the situation, they can quickly take this type of decisions."

Geert Lambrechts
Product Manager Information & Communication Technology at Brussels Airport

To make sure that every APOC operator can keep a close eye on the real-time situation, Brussels Airport equipped the APOC with a networked Barco visualization solution. It captures and distributes data and images from the most diverse sources and systems and puts them on the immense Barco video wall, so that every operator has a 360° view on the situation.

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Barco solution

  • OLF rear projection video wall
  • TFN/CMS visual collaboration solution

Why Barco? 

  • Improved collaboration, connectivity, control
  • 360 view on what's going on
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