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Barco - Cybermedia Center at Osaka University, Japan

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Barco - Cybermedia Center at Osaka University, Japan
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Osaka University in Japan recently renovated its Cybermedia Center. The center, which offers a high-performance computing environment for researchers in academia and industry, has added a 3D video wall from Barco to its state-of-the-art systems. Barco's OverView OLS-521 is a massive full-HD stereoscopic video wall that enables students and researchers to visualize “big data” in vivid 3D as the center’s ultra-high-speed supercomputers process it.

Barco’s noGap 6x4-tile video wall provides the combination of high resolution, high brightness and compact size the center was looking for in its new VR room. OLS-521 is able to manage several image sources, so the users can display not only visualized 3D data, but also video conference images and laptop PC images on the display.

The services provided at Cybermedia Center, Osaka University include: Large-scale computer system, Educational computer system, Digital Library, Visualization service, Campus Cloud and ODINS (Osaka Daigaku Information Network). For more info please check Cybermedia Center, Osaka University.

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